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 [MF] Theatre of War 2 - Afrika 1943

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: [MF] Theatre of War 2 - Afrika 1943   Thu Sep 17, 2009 5:45 pm

Theatre of War 2 covers the events of 1943 in Tunisia, North
Africa. Recovering from their losses after the crushing defeat
and subsequent retreat after the Second Battle of El-Alamein,
the German Afrika Korps - reinforced and now supported by the
Italian Army - prepare once more to put steel against steel
with the Allies. The Axis forces, under the command of the
legendary General Erwin Rommel, have an all too brief
opportunity to seize victory from the clutches of their
earlier failures. Players will lead Rommel s Afrika Korps in
their last full-scale military campaign and command the
English and American armies as they try to push the Axis
forces out of Africa once and for all.

Minimum system requirements:

* Windows XP/ Vista
* Intel Pentium IV 3.0 Ghz
* 1 Gb System RAM
* Video card: nVidia GeForce 6600 or ATI Radeon X800
* 1.5 Gb of HDD space (full game will require approx. 3.5 Gb)
* DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card
* DirectX 9.0c file/hzcy3dtltnz/www.netkingvn.com_Theatre_of_War_2-Afrika_1943.part01.rar file/mnvvdnzqnjk/www.netkingvn.com_Theatre_of_War_2-Afrika_1943.part02.rar file/jdt5zmiinn2/www.netkingvn.com_Theatre_of_War_2-Afrika_1943.part03.rar file/hntxmizddzd/www.netkingvn.com_Theatre_of_War_2-Afrika_1943.part04.rar file/uez2myywgzo/www.netkingvn.com_Theatre_of_War_2-Afrika_1943.part05.rar file/ihzxoxcnndn/www.netkingvn.com_Theatre_of_War_2-Afrika_1943.part06.rar file/ckrymtomznw/www.netkingvn.com_Theatre_of_War_2-Afrika_1943.part07.rar file/wnkjggtzhjx/www.netkingvn.com_Theatre_of_War_2-Afrika_1943.part08.rar file/zh2yzyjldnd/www.netkingvn.com_Theatre_of_War_2-Afrika_1943.part09.rar file/nnjjugyhhag/www.netkingvn.com_Theatre_of_War_2-Afrika_1943.part10.rar

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[MF] Theatre of War 2 - Afrika 1943
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